Is Now A Good Time To Sell?

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People Often Ask – “Is now a good time to sell?”

The decision to sell your house isn’t based solely on market conditions. You have to take your personal situation into account. Planning ahead is such an important aspect in selling your home and there are so many important items to consider;

1) Do you have enough equity in your home to cover commission costs, legal fees, mortgage payout penalty? Are you using your home equity for a down payment on your next home? (call me for a free market evaluation which will help answer some of these financial questions)

2) Will you be able to afford/qualify for the home you want? The mortgage rules have tightened up a lot over the last few years so if you are even considering upgrading or downsizing – call your mortgage broker first!

3) Are you emotionally ready to sell? Are you willing to put in the work that it will take to get your home market ready? Are you committed to keeping your home show ready for weeks, months? Are you ready to hear why potential buyers feedback on your home and why it might not be perfect?

4) Why are you wanting to sell? I think this is the most important question to be asking yourself.

You’ve decided its a good time for you to sell – now the hard work begins! Everyone knows it is a buyers market right now so I believe taking the extra time to properly prepare your home for sale is what makes your house stand out, sell for more money and in a shorter time frame.

If you are willing to put in a little hard work by following MY SELLERS HOME PREP GUIDE and want an agent that is committed to getting you top dollar for your home – Give me a call #403-596-1709

Sellers Home Preparation Guide